“I first came to the fathers group in May of 2005. I had gone through a divorce and my wife had our kids but her and her new boy friend started abusing them. I got temp custody of our 4 kids. I had custody of my 2 kids from the first marriage. I was involved with court for my 4 kids for full custody. Feeling over whelmed raising 6 kids on my own and going through court I came across the fathers group. I learned so many things that created and developed my family to be what it is today. The support I got was and still is vital to my development and survival as a father. I gained confidence in myself and abilities as a parent. I am a more caring and loving father, husband and man because of this group. I miss it and wish there was a group like that here in Batavia, NY. Reggie’s  Father’s group gave and still gives me a lifeline a pool of people of all ages and stages to call on for help and advice. It gave me the opportunity to help fathers, as well It has given me the sense of belonging I need and  I feel  proud about belonging to a great family ( of men).  I remember times I may have I would   have “gone off the deep it and did something I would have  later regretted, but now I choose to be patient,  and I instead  I have become a caring and loving parent.   I am involved in the community and I always try to meet fathers and talk with them. It brings me comfort to be able to pass on this mantle and share with other fathers. My daughter was 13 she is 17 now about to graduate and go to college this year and our relationship is so unbelievably close. I believe it all thanks to the fathers group. It changes men or should I say it creates men. ” – R. Jacobs



“I have attended the Father’s Group for 2 ½ years. It has been a blessing…. It has showed me how to cope with normal stressful situations without acting out of anger.

The group has put me on a path to self forgiveness and forgiveness of my family. The lines of communication are open for me, and now I have the relationship with my father I have always wished  to have.”

 A. Miller


Other Reviews from our Batavia Classes!

“Absolutely, I am more patient & deliberate in my relationship w/ my daughter& my girlfriend.”

 ”I gained greater insight to the things that affected me and learned a few  parenting skills that I may use.”

 ”I learned a lot from the group & the other participants. I would encourage more fathers to come.”

“My family wants to know what happened to me, I said it was the Fatherhood Class.”

“Yes I have learned how to handle things better.”

“Yes, I have become more confident in myself & more aware of the feelings of others.”

“I am much more aware of how I handle my own behavior.”

“The group was very relaxing to interact with,  I would come here tired, but leave the group

  renewed & energized.”

“ I would say that I was impressed with those who wanted to make a difference in their parenting.”

“I learned a lot of things that I never knew, thanks for the group,  I need its support.”

“ (I have) better understanding of my role as a father.”

“ I’ve changed, (I am)  loving it, I’m a new person (so they say…)”

“ I have a ton of tools in my toolbox!”