Do you know if your son or daughter is an introvert or extrovert?

This factor  is SO important in both getting to know your children and recognize their personalities’ as well as  helping your child to have a ‘ free spirit’ and  to be comfortable being themselves. Take the time to notice if your child is a loner, or needs to learn the social skills necessary in order “be”. Knowing your child’s temperament in this way can offer them better self- confidence.

Consider whether your child is an introvert, they pretty much have all these in common, if they do not they may be more of an extrovert. If they have half of these qualities, they may fall some where in the middle.

_____ When my child needs to rest, they don’t fall asleep easily in a room full of people. They prefer to spend time alone or with one or two close people .

_____ My child prefers to color or to write more than she likes to be active and jump around and play.

_____ My child likes to listen and observe more than he/she likes to talk.

_____ Some think my child is quiet, mysterious, aloof or calm.

_____ My child tends to notice details many people don’t see.

_____ My child tends to “zone out” if too much is going on, or escapes to another part of the room.

_____ My child likes to watch an activity for a while before he/she decides to join it.

_____ My child takes in lots of information, and it takes them awhile to sort it out, and put it into words.

_____ My child doesn’t like over-stimulating environments. He/She avoids loud and noisy children or noisy playrooms – they can be a bother.

_____ Sometimes my child has a strong reaction to smells, tastes, foods, weather, noises, etc.

_____My child is creative and/or imaginative.

_____ My child feels drained or irritable after social situations, even when he/she enjoys themselves.

_____ My child can become grouchy if around people or activities too long.

_____ My child often feels uncomfortable in new surroundings.

_____ My child tends to be very friendly, outgoing and has a strong personality .

Taken from the book : The Introvert Advantage, by Marti Olsen

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