No one wants to talk about him. Hardly  anyone acknowledges him, but he still exists.

The father with the broken heart.  The father that wants to see his children, but he cannot. The one that thinks of his children daily, but cannot spend time with them. The one who is barred from seeing them, for no particular reason – other than he and the mother don’t get along.  The one who longs to be with them, thinks about them daily, cries for them, but cannot see them.

Do you know anyone who has this dilemma? Who is separated from his children  but not by choice? There are many fathers out there with this concern and they long for governments and agencies to fight for them, as well.

Pray for the father without access to their children.

Once I worked as a social worker with a child a little girl who came to school crying because she could not see her daddy.  The absence in her heart for her father, was immense. It hurt. And her pain became my own as I sought to help her find resolve. I too had a father without access, but it was due to the enemy of alcoholism. Thankfully, he stopped after several years,  and today our relationship has healed, but it hurt for a while, too.

Children need their fathers and so also does the father need his children. His heart aches too.

Author: JenRene Owens

photographer: Terri Heisele