My name is Reggie L. Cox and I am the Founder of the Fatherhood Connection, we are starting a pilot program in the Livingston Region that is designed to support men who are fathers or who are currently serving as a father figure to a child.  “Fathers Matter to Kids!” is a support group committed to developing lasting and fulfilling relationships between fathers and their children.

Currently, I am collaborating with existing agencies, community centers, faith-based institutions and private individuals who recognize that strengthening the relationships between fathers and children can have a major impact in the future success of those children and in the success of future generations.  This program will be open to men of all ages, free of charge, on a completely voluntary basis.  I currently operate a similar program in the Monroe County & Genesee County area that has helped a number of men enhance their relationships with their children and with the mothers of their children, which has ultimately improved the functioning of the entire family.           

Our kick-off meeting for the Livingston Region has already occurred.  

 We would be grateful for any contributions that anyone might be able to make. We would really appreciate your support as we begin this pilot program in your county. 

If you can help, please contact Reggie L. Cox at  thefatherhoodconnection@gmail.com; or Steve Fugle  at skfugle@hotmail.com at your earliest convenience.

Thank You!

Have A Blessed day!